SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 7mm SAUM, Surgeon, McMillan, Krieger **REDUCED**

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    Sep 21, 2010
    7MM SAUM Rifle for sale. Built by Jim See at Center Shot Rifles. I rarely shoot this rifle and it just sits in the safe. Weight is just under 11 lbs. on a bathroom scale. Only 69 rounds fired. Extremely Accurate! I will supply my load data to the buyer.

    The Stock Is Black Duracoat with Titanium Speckles, All the metal is "Gun Metal Gray" Cerakote.

    Surgeon RSR Action

    Krieger, 9 Twist, 28", Remington Varmint Contour

    CSR 3-Port Muzzle Brake

    Jewell HVR Trigger, Top Safety

    McMillan A5 Adj. Stock, Clamp Bar Cheekpiece, Rear Spacer System, (2) Flush Cups on Left Side, (1) Forearm Bi-Pod Swivel

    Wyatts Center Feed Box Magazine, Trigger Gaurd, Hinged Floor Plate. Allows a C.O.A.L. of 2.925

    (30) Never Fired, Fully Prepped, Ready To Load, CCI-BR2 Primed
    (72) Never Fired, Fully Prepped, Ready To Load
    (152) Fired One Time, Cleaned, Re-Sized, Ready To Load (These Were Fired Out Of My 7MM SAUM F-Class Rifle).
    (69) Fired One Time, Need Cleaned And Re-Sized

    All Of The Brass Have The Flash Holes Deburred, Uniformed Primer Pockets, Necks Turned To .015" Wall Thickness, Trimmed To Length, And Inside/Outside Chamfered Neck

    (4) Sinclair HD Poly Loading Blocks

    Redding Type S Match Die Set, No Bushings Included, VLD Seater Stem, (2) Redding Shellholders

    Lucas Bore Guide

    (40) 7mm, 162 Grain A-Max
    (50) 7mm, 140 Grain Accubonds
    (27) 7mm, 160 Grain Accubonds

    Dummy Round With An A-Max Seated To Touch The Lands

    (1) Green MTM Ammo Box

    I am only selling this as a complete package and will not split anything up.
    $3000 Shipped to your FFL in a hard case. All accessories will ship UPS or USPS.

    Email direct for fastest response [email protected]

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