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Dec 22, 2008
One I know I'll regret selling, but it is what it is. This rifle is a hammer with 168 Berger VLDs/162 AMaxes over 7828 SSC and all load data will be shared with new owner. Continuing to simplify my rifles and financing other endeavors is the ONLY reason this is on the block. In full disclosure, the rifle is a skosh ( .005-.006") long in headspace. The Amax load is kissing the lands and I seldom have any extraction issues. VLDs are .030" off and at times extraction is stiff. I recently took the time to false shoulder 5 pcs of 300 WSM brass with the Berger load and after fireforming, extraction was gravy. J. E. Bridges recently ran a bore scope in it and gave it a very clean bill of health with absolutely no crazing, cracking etc in the throat.

Stiller spec'd action with feed ramp notched and ejection port milled in, side bolt release, trued, timed, etc.
PTG bolt with LW firing pin.
Timney trigger.
Seekins BM with Seekins 3.1 mag.
# 3 Shilen 1/9 twist finished at 24" with .25 lug. Throated for the 168s at 3.050 COAL.
Manners EH3 that just came back from Manners with a new 1" pad and fresh paint job. I have not bedded the rifle, but can do that for the new owner if they wish.
Weighs 6lbs 12oz as pictured. Rifle has been hunted and will have a few minor character marks in metal.
Set of lapped Talley 30mm lows included.

First public ITI wins. $2325 shipped in a hard plastic case.

750 yd group. Sub 3/4 MOA if the nut behind the trigger coulda kept the flier in.

I'd be interested in trades for a Kimber WSM of any flavor as trade.

I have 100 pcs of once fired (not in this chamber) brass that I'll throw in.
What does Stiller spec'd mean? A Rem 700 machined to look like a Stiller or a complete custom action designed around a Stiller?
$2050 TYD....

Yes it is a 700 based action, sorry if that was worded confusing. Bottom of action was milled to accept the Seekins WSM BM (which accepts Seekins 3.100" mags), feed ramp was notched to allow feeding, ejection port cut in to allow ejection, side bolt release installed and Action was trued, timed etc with the PTG bolt.

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