SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 7.82 Warbird Updated Info

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Montanatim, Nov 25, 2012.

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    Nov 22, 2012
    Custom 7.82 Warbird build on a Neskia Bay Model M action. 29" Hart stainless barrel with Vias muzzle break. Action and barrel was set up at Nesika Bay and broke in. Jewell HVR varmint trigger, sunny hill floor plate, Lonewolf custom master class carbon fiber bedding, weatherby magazine box and spring follower. Action and all metal coated with NP3 (Robar Indust). 8.5 x 25 x 50mm Leupold Tact with Premier Reticles from 200 to 1000 yards. Also gold rams head on stock. Guns is shooting 180 grain bullets avg 3564 fps. One of a kind build in 99.99% shape. Only been shot about 80 times. Comes with around 140 rounds, 300 bullets, dies. Complete and ready to shoot. Email me at [email protected] or call 406-855-9341 for any questions. Asking price is $5300.00 OBO Thanks for looking.

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