SOLD/EXPIRED Custom .338 Norma For Sale


Nov 5, 2012
I have a completely custom .338 Norma for sale! It was built by the crew at proof research up in Montana. Has a lone wolf tac 2 stock and carbon fiber barrel with seamless break. Jewell trigger, jense precision action. The gun is cerakoted and has an AI detachable magazine (5 rounds). Gun shoots absolutely amazing. Gun weighs only approx 8 lbs, the scope weighs 2.3lbs. The scope is a premier heritage 5-25x56, in my opinion you cannot beat the optics, or the gun. Has seen very minimal use <100 rounds. Have a set of Forster dies and 50 hand loaded rounds along with 50 brand new primed and trimmed brass (ready to load). Also comes with 100 or so 300 grain Berger hybrid OTM bullets (gun loves these bullets)

Proof Research | We Give You Proof | Tactical Rifles :

Premier Reticles Heritage 5-25x56mm RifleScope w/ XR Mildot, Mildot, MOA Reticles

Bought the gun for over $7,000 and the scope was $3,400 (10,500 retail)
Brass was approx. $200
comes with over $80 in bullets

Asking $9,500
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The scope is actually right at 2.3 lbs but who's counting! :)

So the scope is Gen 2 XR and MOA turrets?

Scot E.
You are a lot closer at 2.3. Ha. It's 39oz.... Oops, all I know is it feels like a Louisville slugger. :) it's a gen 2 xr mrad turrets.
Not to great at loading photos yet... :(


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