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SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 338 Edge


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Jan 5, 2014
This rifle was made by Kevin Cram of Montour County Rifles in PA. It has a Stiller predator action with a badger bolt knob, 28" Brux barrel with a muscle brake on the end, Jewell trigger (maybe 1 1/2# never checked) all sitting in a Bell and Carlson medalist tactical stock. On top is a Nightforce NXS 8x32x56 with Nightforce rings. There is also a versa pod bipod on it.
There are a ton of reloading components that go with this rifle, 100 300g Sierra match kings, 200+ Gen 1 300g Berger's, 200+ 300g Berger Gen 2 OTM bullets. 300+ pieces of brass all in good shape some new, some with 4-5 firings. None with lose primer pockets, Redding custom EDGE dies. 950 rounds down the pipe.
The only thing that is wrong with this rifle is the muzzle brake has some pitting on it.

Shoots crazy accurate. The dope card is different as I have a 8-32x56 vs the 12-42x56 101sniper originally had.

Never heated barrel up, load data for retumbo and h1000 included

Grouping was shot last weekend

$5500 obo


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