SOLD/EXPIRED Custom .308 tactical complete MR/LR package


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Aug 6, 2013
Hi All,
I just completed it not that long ago, but now it has to go because I don't have the time to use it due to new job. I had to wait 7 months for the gunsmith, now you don't have to !

Custom Tactical 0.308

This rifle was custom built for me by a local Northwest gunsmith shop in early 2014.


Save thousands and a 6 month to 1 year wait time on a custom build !

The package includes EVERYTHING .308 related that I have aquired for it, including reloading tools and supplies,
data, books and accessories.
All inclusive there is $6,000 in rifle, scope, gear, accessories and reloading components - for $4000, and it is all nearly new and awesome condition.

What is included is a complete tactical, medium/long range (600/800/1000yd) shooting setup in 0.308 Winchester.






I spec'd this gun out for a few purposes:
  • be able to shoot 800-1000yd with accuracy
  • be enjoyable to shoot
  • long lasting high round count
  • use the most readily available supplies, ammo, reloading components, etc.

To that end, it has had only the mildest loads run in it.
During load development All testing was backed off at the sign of ANY pressure sign,
and the accuracy loads were chosen based on the lowest end of the powder charges, 1st node, not the high end.
For instance the current accuracy load for IMR-4064 is right around 42.4 grains. Even with such a mild load SMK 175's are still supersonic at 1000yds at 70F.


I believe the barrel has less than 800 rounds down it. it has NOT decreased in accuracy. In fact, from about round 500 it has got better slightly.





It is a joy to shoot. smooth operating bolt, great trigger, very little recoil even with heavy bullets, adjustable cheek rest and plenty of scope relief.

The rifle has been babied. It goes to the range in an all-weather sealed rifle case. It lives in a climate controlled safe the rest of the time.
It was cleaned within hours of returning home from the range, every time. It has never been cleaned without a Possum-Hollow bore guide, included. The barrel has never had a bronze, brass or nylon brush run though it. Only Wipe-Out/Patch-Out and cotton patches. It has had only one minor copper removal treatment to test for copper fouling which so far has not required any further nasty chemicals.
I have included a bore-scope video. (the white specs are cotton lint)

This gun weighs about 16 lbs with the Vortex scope on it, so about 15lbs un-scoped. I think the barrel alone weighs over 7 lbs.
There is no muzzle brake because it does not need it. properly aligned with your shoulder it hardly even moves.

I stuck with the Timney trigger because higher precision(Jewell, etc.) triggers are susceptible to dirt and grit and I built this to shoot prone in the dirt in the field.
You might think you need a trigger pull less than 1.0 lbs but probably you don't on a field gun. benchrest is different.

A really nice tactical shooting mat, bi-pod and and butt-stock rear squeeze bag are included.



As is the heavy-duty locking, rolling sealed all weather double rifle case fitted to the rifle and components.


The action and barrel are salt nitrided. I expect 8k-10k rounds of sub 0.5 MOA from the barrel and 4k or more of sub 0.25 MOA if continued use of light loads.
The salt nitriding also helps it clean VERY easily and I can shoot many more rounds before needing to clean than my other rifles.

The rifle is easily capable on the bench to deliver sub 0.25 MOA om a bulls-bag and sub 0.5 MOA on bi-pod in the prone position, even for me, I am not very good.
I expect you will do much better. I have included targets backing this up. If you do not suck like me I am confident you can reach sub 0.20 MOA.

I have reloading test data, documents, targets available if you want to reload. You really do if you want to get the most out of a .308.



The throat is cut long enough to handle the Berger 185's (and maybe longer ?) but not so long or short as to be problematic with a variety of bullets and seating depth options.

I am including all reloading supplies : brass, bullets and brass I have on hand. None of it is crap or range pickup. It is all 1F-2F Winchester, 1F-3F Lapua and 1F Nosler.
This combination of dies gets me neck and bullet run-out of less than 0.001 typically less than .5 thousandths, almost perfect repeatable neck tension with the same
tolerance and seating depth repeatability to match. The dies are treated well, lubed and honed and polished.

I will NOT provide any remaining loaded ammo - unless you want the components broken down (because I don't believe you should shoot anyone elses reloads for safety reasons).
I WILL include some test/dummy/sample rounds for measurement comparison.

Complete List of components in package

  • Trued/blueprinted Rem 700 action
  • Benchmark match barrel, 26" 1:11 heavy contour 0.940 dia
  • Salt bath nitriding
  • Precision ground heavy recoil lug
  • Manners T4A stock w/Badger Ordinance AICS DBM chassis
  • Seekins 20 MOA rail
  • Timney 510 Trigger
  • Vortex Viper PST FFP 6x24 MOA w illum. EBR-1 Reticle
  • Vortex anti-cant/scope level
  • Warne Maxima scope rings 1"

  • Plano double scoped all-weather hard case with wheels
  • Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 - 9-Inch Bipod
  • 5 round and 10 round AICS steel magazines
  • Crosstac tactical shooting mat
  • Crosstac tactical rear squeeze bag
  • (2) tactical slings/straps

  • Redding Competition micrometer seating die
  • Redding FL Sizer Die
  • Lee collect neck sizing die
  • Wilson .308 Case Guage
  • Modified Cases for Stoney Point/Hornady OAL Gauge
  • Possum Hollow 0.308 cleaning bore guide
  • Loading Trays (custom hardwood)
  • 580+ Winchester headstamp Brass Grade 1 : 1F - 2F (75% is 1F)
  • 200 Lapua Brass : 1F - 3F (30% 1F, 30% 2F, 40% 3-4F)
  • 250 Nosler Brass : 1F
  • 72 Federal Gold Match Brass, random qty R-P and other brass
  • Sierra MK 175 100ct
  • Sierra MK 168 100ct
  • Sierra MK 155 56 ct
  • Berger VLD Hunting 84 ct
  • Horanday A-Max 168 135 ct
  • IMR-4064 Powder 7.5 lbs
  • IMR-4895 2.1 lbs
  • (DVD set)Putting Rounds on Target (Brian Litz)
  • (Book) Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting (Brian Litz)
  • (Book) Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting (Brian Litz)
  • (Book) The Wind book for Rifle Shooters
  • Testing, Reloading and ballistics data

I can provide a complete list of links/urls to all of the items if you need.

[email protected]
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Aug 6, 2013
Might consider certain partial trades such as .280 or .280 AI or.17 HMR


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Aug 6, 2013
I have decided to split it out with the reloading components separate if desired. I have had a few requests to purchase without.

$3,400 without the reloading components.


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Aug 6, 2013
for sale or trade again.
this time $3,200 obo without powder and dies and slightly less brass/bullets.

Also Interested in full/partial trades such as:
- .308 hunting rifle
- Welding equipment (MIG, multi-process TIG/STICK, etc)
- Drift Boat