Curtis Helix rifle (you decide chamber and barrel)

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Dec 11, 2018
Evanston, Wy
For sale,

McMillian A5A, with left side flush cups
Curtis Helix long action magnum
Proof carbon fiber barrel (your choice)
Trigger tech diamond
Shot caller brake
Hawkins BDL bottom metal (can be changed to M5)

this rifle can be had with your choice of chamber/Barrel/length as I have not put a barrel on it yet.

the action has 50 rounds on it, as I used it on a bear hunt. I also have a 7rem mag 26” 8 twist barrel for it that shoots lights out. Gun is ready to ship as a 7rem mag. If you want something else barrel/chamber wise, no problem. It can be ready in as little as 2 weeks.
(This would be a great set up for a 300PRC or 30 Sherman magnum)

This rifle would cost around 4,200 to have built, I will let it go for 3,300.00

pm if interested or call me at the shop
307-707-3181 EXT1
Credit cards accepted.


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