SOLD/EXPIRED Colt .45 ACP-.38 Super Ruger 77 .338 win mag .30-378 Wby Cleaning out Safe


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Oct 25, 2009
San Fernando Valley
This is a custom built .30-378 Weatherby Magnum with a 30” Douglas barrel with a 1-10 twist it finishes at 32” with the muzzle brake. I have shot less than one hundred rounds thru it. Shot about four mule DEER with it one shot kills at over 600 yards with this beast. The reason that I’m selling my pride and joy is that I’m not working right now and selling him will help me allot it took me about four years to build it from scratch it was a .378 weatherby before I built it. It has been glass bedded and pillar bedded for maximum accuracy the stock has been refinished to repair the pistol grip that broke off at the range the first time I shot it without the brake I had it in a rifle rest with a fork behind the pistol grip and the recoil broke it of but my guns smith repaired it for me it’s not noticeable unless you pay attention to it. I have about four boxes of once fired brass one box of virgin brass and about 75 hand loaded ammo all loaded with Reloder 25 all 180gr bullets ether Barnes TSX-XLC or Nosler e-tips and one box of factory loaded Barnes X bullets. Scope is not included or the rings and mounts I’m using them on my other weatherby. I also have two sets of reloading dies one is a FL seizer die and the other is a FL and neck seizer die.
$2100.00 OBO

This is a Colt Mark IV Series 70’s 45ACP it has some holster wear but other than that it has about 200 rounds down the tube. I also have a 38 Super if anybody is interested but I’m only selling one of the two. I have brass and dies for both if anybody is interested. Thanks for any questions email me at [email protected]
I had a trigger, Hammer guide rod, both springs guide rod and firing pin spring put on it also a beaver tail. All these items were installed on both guns by my guns smith
$1200.00 OBO .45 acp
Make me a reasonable OFFER I might Consider
$1050.00 OBO.38 Super
This is a Ruger Hawkeye All Weather .338 Win Mag. I have a total 93 loaded and 7 empty theirs about 40 rounds thru the tube it’s a new rifle .
$800.00 OBO
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