Cold bore high pressure


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Jul 31, 2010
As you are already doing, you need to figure out what is different cold bore versus all the others. Clearly if you are shooting a clean barrel each time, solvent or oil seems to be the most likely culprit. Easy way to remove this as the cause is to take Alcohol and thoroughly clean the chamber and bore before you head to the range. Solvent in the bore can cause high pressure as easily as it being in the chamber. Outside of some form of contamination there really is no other thing that could cause this problem, especially since your velocity on cold bore and ES is very close to the next 4 rounds.

Something you see on CSI all the time is them lifting prints off of fired shell casings. This is pure BS, firing temps are so high it erases any latent prints as it is the oils from your fingers that leave the print. Same hold true for the oil or solvent from cleaning. The heat from one shot pretty much gets rid of the oil or solvent.

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