Cheytac case guys.. how do you store your ammo?


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Oct 28, 2009
Magee, MS
I was wondering what you guys use to store your loaded ammo and spent brass?

I like to keep my stuff organized in ammo boxes w/ dividers. But I've been doing some looking and I can't seem to find anyone who makes an ammo box that will accept a case this large.

Is my only option the 10 round 50bmg boxes?

I hate to spend money to do it but if I have to I might end up buying some small pelican cases w/ the removable squares and use that instead. Thats a little more $$$ than I'de like to spend just to keep my ammo organized though.
Buy the 20 gauge MTM shotshell box.

Take one tray out and use it for a reloading block.

Use the other tray at the bottom of the 20 gauge shotshell box and you can carry 50 rounds that way.
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