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Dec 9, 2014
I bought one of the new Mathews bows a couple of years ago the VX3. Really dont like the weight of it, too heavy. Which carbon bows do yall prefer? thanks
I honestly have only shot a couple, but have a carbon air stealth (mach 1, I believe)

It shoots GREAT for me. I really appreciate the lighter weight, and the grip is much more pleasant to hold all day in cold weather.

The big thing I noticed with mine is a LOT more feedback in the riser during the shot- hand shock as it were. Apparently not a bad thing at all, just different. I switched from a Vertix to this, so a similar jump to what you would be making. Going from a Mathews to something like this you will likely notice it too. Again, not necessarily bad, just different.

More weight would help tame that, but in my mind that defeats the purpose.

In fact, I don't even use a front stabilizer when hunting... I don't like the extra bulk and weight, and honestly at the ranges I shoot deer I just don't see the need. Obviously others will think/feel differently.

Would be tough for me to go back to a heavy aluminum bow for hunting. For targets etc maybe I'd feel different, but for me I think it's going to be carbon all the way in my hunting future!
I've had a few.

First was the carbon knight/icon/zion, from bowtech. You can look up the specs but it was a decent bow, the problem is that it's not a true carbon bow. It's plastic with a carbon core I think.
It was light like 3 lbs, but I like a longer bow for out west and it flex's a lot at maxed out at 70 lbs.

The newer bowtech carbon 1 didn't even make sense. It's in the price range of all the other bowtech signature bows…and it's a full carbon riser…but it weights just as much as an aluminum riser. Again I'll let you look up the specs. On top of that, it doesn't perform nearly as well as its aluminum riser counter parts that weight just as much as it…so I'm not sure the point of that bow.

The last was the PSE mach 34. It's a hard pull and it's expensive. Even still, it's 3.5 lbs. I couldn't get over the grip. It was just not for me.
I've only shot a couple carbon bows. And my experience is very limited. I've shot a PSE carbon air that was a nice bow and seemed fast. And the other was a Hoyt carbon spyder. The Hoyt was a sweet bow as well. I personally haven't been able to justify the weight difference between a carbon bow and an aluminum. I know a lot of people get lost in the new but there's some older bows still floating around that are killer. Look around for a Mathew's's Helium or a Reezen 6.5. These bows were fairly light and fast. Most modern bows are in the 340-350 Ibo range and I believe the helium was like mid 330's and the Reezen was about 340. I shoot a Mathew's VXR 28 and it's not the lightest bow but I find I shoot a lil heavier bow better than I did some lighter ones I've had in the past.
I bought one of the new Mathews bows a couple of years ago the VX3. Really dont like the weight of it, too heavy. Which carbon bows do yall prefer? thanks
Hoyt carbon element 50 yards!
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Hoyts RX-8 and RX-8 ultra look promising but just going off the specs, the regular RX-8 is too short, and the RX-8 ultra is too slow. For me anyways.

If you look at the weights, it's like I said in my initial post. They are between 4 and 4.5 lbs. You're not really saving weight over an aluminum riser. Just spending more money, and limiting your options.

Carbon defiant 34 you have to buy used and has worst specs that both RX-8s, and is over 3.5 lbs. ⬇️
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I have a Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo I think from 2014, love it and cannot find a reason to replace it although I've looked and considered several times, just can't see an advantage.
I liked my Carbon Spyder as much or more than my RX-7. Just an awesome bow.
I have rx-7 ultra, and I am really impressed with the new cam on the rx-8 ultra. I will probly by the alpha x 33 because it has the same cam system. I have shot them side by side, and there is minimal difference.