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SOLD/EXPIRED Camera Land Post SHOT Winter Sale


Official LRH Sponsor
Dec 3, 2007
Old Bethpage NY
Camera Land Post SHOT Winter Sale

It's that time of the year that we get in all kinds of gear from all the manufactures that we carry. These include SHOT & SCI display goods, new goods that we buy closeouts on, discontinued products, open box goods, etc. In other words....If you're in the market for optics, now's a great buyers opportunity.

FYI, at SHOT this year we became a Hensoldt dealer and we are also in the process of becoming a Trijicon dealer. Right before the end of 2009 we became a Surefire Flashlight dealer.

To make things easier, as this list will be quite long, we have separated it into manufacturers alphabetically.

In as new display goods from SHOT & SCI we have:

40523 CRF 1200 in Yards @ $524.99

40037 Geovid 8x42 HD in Yards @ $1849.99

40039 Geovid 10x42 HD in Yards @ $1899.99

40044 Geovid 15x56 HD in Yards @ $2349.99

40290 8x32 Ultravid HD @ $1499.99

40292 7x42 Ultravid HD @ $1574.99

40293 8x42 Ultravid HD @ $1699.99

40294 10x42 Ultravid HD @ $1749.99

40296 10x50 Ultravid HD @ $1799.99

40297 12x50 Ultravid HD @ $1899.99

40252 8x20 Ultravid BCR @ $549.99

40253 10x25 Ultravid BCR @ $599.99

40263 8x20 Ultravid BCL w/Brown Leather Case @ $679.99

40264 10x25 Ultravid BCL with Brown Leather Case @ $699.99

40342 8x20 Trinovid BCA w/Case @ $399.99

40343 10x25 Trinovid BCA w/Case @ $399.99

40390 8x20 Monovid w/Case @ $399.99

40129 APO-65 Televid Angled Spotting Scope w/ #41019 25-50x WW Zoom Aspherical Eyepiece @ $2599.99

40121 APO-82 Televid Angled Spotting Scope w/ #41019 25-50x WW Zoom Aspherical Eyepiece @ $3199.99

50010 ER 2.5-10x42 Reticle LEICA-Plex @ $1449.99

50011 ER 2.5-10x42 Reticle 4A @ $1449.99

50012 ER 2.5-10x42 Reticle Ballistic @ $1499.99

50013 ER 2.5-10x42 Reticle 1 @ $1449.99

50014 ER 2.5-10x42 Reticle CDD @ $1479.99

51010 ER 3.5-14x42 Reticle LEICA-Plex @ $1499.99

51012 ER 3.5-14x42 Reticle Ballistic @ $1599.99

We also still have new CRF-900's @ $429.99

In Minox we've got many exciting values in new goods as well as in as new display goods from SHOT.
In 2009 we purchased the remaining inventory of their Japan made HG Series binoculars before production was moved to Germany.
These HG Series Binoculars are all brand new:

#62163 8x33 only $399.99, reduced from $799.00

#62155 8.5x43 only $499.99, reduced from $899.99

#62157 10x43 only $579.99, reduced from $949.00

#62159 8.5x52 only $599.99, reduced from $1049.00

#62161 10x52 only $599.99, reduced from $1099.00

For those of you that prefer Porro Prisms we did the same thing with their:
#62151 BD 10x44 BP @ $229.99, reduced from $599.00. They announced the new Comfort Bridge series to replace this existing Porro Prism so we jumped on the opportunity to buy up their remaining inventory on these.

The next opportunity came our way in their Arctic Hunter series (a white camo design).
#62026 BV 8x42 BR only $149.99, reduced from $319.00

#62027 BV 10x42 BR only $199.99, reduced from $329.00

As many of you may or may not know, when Minox decided to stop production of their #62132 BD 15x58 ED BR Binocular we immediately commissioned them to do one last run for us, as our clients love this optic. They did and we are able to offer them for only $549.99, reduced from $1049.00

We also have a few of their #62173 BF 10x42 BR Binoculars left in stock @ only $139.99. These have been a great seller and well liked, but we are almost all sold out of them. If a quality 8x42 is what you're after we do have a few of the discontinued #62147 BL 8x42 BR's left @ only $249.99, reduced from $439.00. Last and certainly not least is the #62122 Minox BD 8x32 BR ASPH for only $274.99. For the price there is no better 8x32 out there.

We picked up a screaming opportunity this year at SHOT on Minox' display units of #62225 MD 50W Angled Spotting Scope and the #62226 MD 50 Straight Spotting Scope your choice only $189.99, reduced from $349.00. These were never mounted and have the full warranty, so when we say as new we really mean as new.

BTW, the Minox CFL 1 LED Flashlight's are now in stock. This is a must have light source for any outdoorsman.

We got in one of each of the following Nikon demos in mint condition:

#7497 Monarch 12x42 Team Realtree Camo @ $249.99

#7510 Travelite 10x25 @ $49.99

#8218 10x25 Trailblazer @ $69.99

#7506 8x20 Premier HG L DCF @ $349.99

#7369 10x36 Sporter 1 @ $84.99

#7435 10x42 Monarch ATB Realtree Camo @ $219.99

#6890 16-48x60 Spotter XLII @ $289.99

We also picked up a couple of items that are new. These are close-outs and just great value deals:

#8338 Prostaff 20X/25X Digiscoping Eyepiece @ $39.99

#7509 Travelite V 9x25 @ $64.99

#7520 8.5x56 Monarch ATB Realtree Camo Binocular only $279.99

#7521 10x56 Monarch ATB Realtree Camo Binocular only $269.99

#7070 Window Mount only $29.99 Please call Doug or Neil to get this price.

#6121 Easy carry Binocular Harness Strap only $10.00 Please call Doug or Neil to get this price.

There are many opportunities with Pentax in both binoculars and riflescopes. Both new and as new show samples:

First New:
#89730 3-9x40 Pioneer II (P) @ $129.99

#89731 4.5-14x42 Pioneer II (P) @ $139.99

#KB60000 Gameseeker Essential Optics Outfit only $134.99 includes a Gameseeker 4-12x40 (PP) and a Gameseeker DCF 10x42 Roof Prism Binocular.

#62553 8x42 DCF HRc only $199.99, reduced from $299.00

#62554 10x42 DCF HRc only $199.99, reduced from $319.00

We also picked up some show display units on Gameseeker Riflescopes (Never Mounted) and binoculars. These are all in as new condition:

Your choice for only $49.99:
#89721 3-9x40 Gameseeker MO Brush (P)
#89719 3-9x40 Gameseeker Matte Black (P)
#89720 4-12x40 Gameseeker Matte Black (P)

If an as new condition show sample/display binocular on a great deal is what you're after then these are for you:
#62622 8x32 DCF ED @ $674.99

#62623 8x43 DCF ED @ $749.99

#62624 10x43 DCF ED @ $849.99

#62615 8x43 DCF SP @ $349.99

#62616 10x43 DCF SP @ $399.99

#62617 10x50 DCF SP @ $399.99

#62486 8x36 DCF NV @ $179.99

#62487 10x36 DCF NV @ $189.99

We also were able to get some demos on the unique Papilio binocular. This binocular will focus down to 1.6 feet so it will work as a binocular and a field microscope.
#62215 6.5x21 Papilio @ $69.99

#62216 8.5x21 Papilio @ $79.99

We are thrilled to be able to offer you two high end binoculars from Promaster at a price you will not believe:

#1187 Promaster Infinity Elite ELX 8x42 ED @ $349.99

#1194 Promaster Infinity Elite ELX 10x42 ED @ $399.99

Steiner Binoculars:
We are running some great promotions on Steiner Binoculars.
These are all new:
Buy a Predator Series Binocular and get a Steiner Predator T-Shirt with your purchase.
#234 8x22 Predator Pro @ $179.99

#236 10x26 Predator Pro $199.99

#288 8x30 Predator Pro $249.99

#248 8x42 Predator only $469.99

#266 10x50 Predator Premier only $639.99

#242 12x40 Predator Pro $299.99

Then there is the new Predator C5 Series of binoculars. We want to add something special to your purchase, so with every Predator C5 series binocular listed here we'll include a Steiner Safari Pro 8x22 Compact Binocular at no charge with your purchase.

#250 10x42 Predator C5 $799.99

#252 12x42 Predator C5 $849.99

We always have an ever changing inventory of Swarovski Demos on our Swarovski Demo Page There are usually Laser Guide 8x30's, 8x30 SLC Binoculars and 15x56 SLC Binoculars as well as an assortment of Riflescopes. If you don't see what you're looking for always send an e-mail to us and we'll check to see if what you want is available.
In 2009 Swarovski discontinued their ATS & STS Spotting Scopes and came out with the ATM & STM lines (A stood for Aluminum and the M is Magnesium). We stepped in and purchased a fairly large quantity of the Aluminum bodied scopes and still have inventory of these new scopes:

ATS-65 Angled with 20-60x Swarovski Zoom Eyepiece for $1499.99

STS-65 Straight with 20-60x Swarovski Zoom Eyepiece for $1499.99

ATS-80 Angled with 20-60x Swarovski Zoom Eyepiece for $1849.99

STS-80 Straight with 20-60x Swarovski Zoom Eyepiece for $1849.99

STS-80 HD Straight with 20-60x Swarovski Zoom Eyepiece for $2499.99

Also in 2009 Swarovski unified their riflescope line into the Z3, Z5 and Z6 series. While doing this they discontinued the PV, PH and AV series of riflescopes. Again, a great opportunity, so we jumped on it. Never known to be discounted, we were given the ability to run a sale on new Swarovski Riflescopes:
#57221 PH 4-16x50 Plex $1229.99

#52035 AV 4-12x50 Plex $829.99

#52034 AV 4-12x50 4A $799.99

#52033 AV 4-12x50 BR $889.99

#52032 AV 4-12x50 BT-Plex $869.99

#57015 PVI 1.25-4x24 SR Circle Dot Illuminated $999.99

#57016 PH 1.25-4x24 SR Circle Dot $699.99

#57036 1.5-6x42 SR 4A $799.99

#52039 AV 3-9x36 4A $679.99

#52042 6-18x50 BT Plex $949.99

#52043 6-18x50 4A $889.99

#52045 6-18x50 Plex $889.99

#52048 6-18x50 BR $949.99
One of the fastest growing Sports Optics companies is Vortex
We have been very successful in arranging some closeouts on quality new binoculars from them:
Vulture 8.5x50 Binocular in Coyote Tan for $159.99
Vulture 10x50 Binocular in Coyote Tan for $159.99
Hurricane 8x28 in Coyote Tan @ $89.99
Hurricane 10x28 in Coyote Tan $94.99

We also have a limited quantity of Open Box/Display Units. These are units that are either from in store displays that get freshened on a regular basis, or from customers without access to many binoculars who contact us to buy 2 or 3 binoculars and keep the one that suits their needs the best. They only try them out for a couple of days and return them in as new condition, however, as they are no longer "factory fresh new" we will not sell them as new. This presents a great buying opportunity for you.

Viper 6x32 @ $379.99
Viper 8x32 @ $389.99
Viper 8x42 @ $429.99
Viper 10x42 @ $439.99
Viper 15x50 @ $499.99
Diamondback 7x36 @ $159.99
Diamondback 9x36 @ $169.99

If you're looking for an inexpensive binocular that gives you more than what you're paying for, then these Vortex Crossfires are worth taking a look through.

Crossfire 8x42 @ $139.99
Crossfire 10x42 @ $149.99
Crossfire 8x32 @ $99.99
Some of the New for 2010 Vortex Products Have Arrived

The following new products from Vortex have arrived:

Viper 10x50 R/T Tactical Binocular

Viper 8x28 R/T Tactical Binocular

Recon 15x50 Mountain Scope

Recon 10x50 R/T Tactical Scope

Recon 15x50 R/T Tactical Scope

The Viper PST Riflescopes look like the end of April or early May at the earliest, however, when we have a firm delivery date we will let you know. If there is a PST that interests you please call the store and speak with me or Neil. We will take your name, phone # and product desired information and will contact you when we hear from Vortex that they are available. This is our version of a pre-order as who knows when these will really be in. I assume that there will be an allocation situation from Vortex and limited quantities available. The list we're taking, IMO, is the best way to do this. No deposits needed. No pre-payment needed.
All standard Viper riflescopes as well as all the Diamondback & Crossfires are in stock.
I put off receiving the SHOT/SCI box of goodies from Zeiss as there are so many different versions of the same Conquest Riflescopes. I like to receive boxes in the morning before we open when it's reasonably quiet and I can consentrate while gulping coffee. Today was the day.....
Conquest 3-9x40mm in #20 Z-Plex, Rapid Z-600 & a #4 Stainless
Conquest 3-9x50mm in #4, #20 Z-Plex, Rapid Z-600 & a Rapid Z-600 Stainless
Conquest 3.5-10x44mm in #4, Rapid Z-600, Rapid Z-800, #20 Z-Plex & #43 Mildot
Conquest 3.5-10x50mm in Rapid Z-600, Rapid Z-800 & #20 Z-Plex
Conquest 3-12x56mm #8 as well as a Stainless #8
Conquest 4.5-14x44mm in#20 Z-Plex, #43 Mildot Target, Rapid Z-600, Rapid Z-1000 and in Stainless we also received a #43 Mildot
Conquest 4.5-14x50mm in #20 Z-Plex Hunting, #20 Z-Plex Target, Rapid Z-800, Rapid Z-1000 and in Stainless we received a #20 Z-Plex, Rapid Z-800 Hunting as well as a Rapid Z-1000
Conquest 6.5-20x50mm in #20 Z-Plex Hunting, #20 Z-Plex Target, #4 Target, #43 Mildot Target, Rapid Z-1000 & Rapid Z Varmint.
In The Zeiss Conquest Binoculars we received the 8x30 T*, 8x40 T* ABK, 8x50 T* ABK and the 10x50 T* ABK.
In the Victory FL T* with LotuTec coating we have the 8x32, 7x42, 8x42, 10x42, 8x56 and the 10x56.
In their rangefinders we are closing out new left over stock on the 8x26 T* PRF without the LotuTec coating @ $599.99 and we also have the 8x45 Rangefinder Binocular & 10x45 RF Rangefinder Binocular
We also still have some new inventory on the older Victory 8x20 with the cloth case @ $399.99. The only difference between this and it's replacement is that the current version comes with a leather case. It is a nice case, but since the price difference is $250.00 one needs to decide how offensive a cloth case is compared to leather.
I am sure there are some items I forgot to type in here (man I really wish I learned to type back in school instead of the two finger shuffle that I do) so if there is something you're in the market for and don't see on this list send an e-mail or give us a call.
Thanks for the continued support.