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    May 3, 2001
    Len will love this one! Another MUST-HAVE!
    Just received a hand-held radar gun that is intended for clocking your kid's fastball or your favorite NASCAR road-rocket or whatever.

    I have this on-going project studying the intracasies of hitting moving targets with bullets. As some of you might recall this involves a lot of shooting at a nifty electronic moving target system made by a company called PortaTarget.

    If spring ever gets to our frozen wasteland I will "calibrate" the movers system, determining actual MPH with the Speedster.

    The Speedster looks like a blow-dryer c/w with a little screen facing the user for the digital read-outs. It uses microwaves to obtain target speed. Bushnell designed it to keep track of the pitchers from both teams, giving last pitch speed, averages etc.

    I intend to attempt to get some actual moving speeds of wild critters - perhaps via a visit to some local game-farms for deer and elk. Would be nice to know exactly what walking, trotting, running speeds actually might be. Will also try it on Canada Geese.

    Hope to calibrate the moving target system in 5 mph increments if the unit will do that. Supposed to be good from 6mph to 200mph.

    Too ---- cold to shoot long so I will spend some time blasting microwaves at moving objects... Have radargun, will travel.