Burris Signature Zee Rings +/- Inserts


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Mar 22, 2009
Here's a very interesting bit of information sent to me by a old RCMP shooting buddy of mine, thought others might like to read it here.


Was talking with shooting buddy Cliff tonight about his new F-Class rifle chambered for the 6.5/284. He had been testing some loads earlier in the day and was surprised he only had 32 minutes of elevation available after getting his 100 yard zero. Normally that would not be too far out of line except his Remington action was equipped with a Farrell 20 m.o.a. base along with Burris Signature Zee rings and +/- inserts that should have given him another 20 m.o.a. for a total of an additional 40 minutes over and above the 45 minutes of elevation available in his Nightforce NXS scope.

This made no sense and I accused him of having a brain fart which caused him to reverse the Burris inserts when he mounted the scope. He of course denied this. We discussed other possible causes but always came back to the probability that it was an insert problem. We removed the scope, checked the inserts and found he had used them correctly as per their +/- markings.

Before we remounted the scope I used his digital calipers to check the thickness of the inserts and found the problem. Surprisingly three of the four inserts were marked incorrectly. Two of the (+) inserts should have been marked (-) and one of the (-) inserts was actually a (+). I suspect that many hundreds, if not thousands, of improperly marked inserts have been packaged by Burris waiting quietly to drive unsuspecting shooters crazy. Cliff will be talking to Burris about this tomorrow.

I have used both the 1" and 30mm Burris Signature Zee rings many times without difficulty and will continue to use them however I will be checking the inserts with my calipers before mounting the scope. I have not yet checked the thickness of the 1" inserts but a rough measurement of the 30mm inserts indicates the following;

30mm (+10) Insert thickness should measure 0.116" to 0.118"
30mm (-10) Insert thickness should measure 0.096" to 0.098"

Measurements were taken across the center of the insert. If anyone has been puzzled by the results after using these Burris inserts I suggest you check them very carefully.

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