burris or nikon?


Jan 21, 2003
looking for scope for my.308 m700.I'm looking at the models with target knobs.Are the burris signature good for long range? or should I look at the black diamond models?I want to have enough clicks for 1000 yds.Does nikon have a good warrenty, and how are they on repairs if needed? thanks
I have both Burris models and much prefer the more expensive Black Diamond - better turrets and great glass. 30mm will give you more adjustment range in any scope. Also use the Nikons a lot and have had excellent service when I needed it.
The new Nikon tacticals are very good long range scopes, lots of adjustment range and very good optics and turrets. Very tough choice, Nikon tactical vs Burris Black Diamond but I would go with the Nikon mainly because it has better turrets.
Only thing I don't like about the Burris is the fact that their turrets are smaller and just not as solid and robust as the other guys. If they had turrets on them like the Nightforce or Nikon, or even the MK4 Leupold they would be kickbutt.
My Burris scopes have had a lot of use and they are standing up well. The Nikons are a newer entry but they are also standing up to a lot of shooting, well over 5000 rounds in the last year.
Both offer modified mildot reticles, Nikon even offers a free MIlDOT MASTER with their scope.
I like Nikon.
I went with the Nikon.Put on my .22-250 rem 700vs. Went to range today, this scope is great.Can not wait untill my 6.5-.284 gets here.I bought a Nightforce 8-32br for this gun.
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