Nikon Monarch or Burris Signature Select


Dec 7, 2009
I would like some advice on scope selection for my hunting/target savage 10fp .308win.

I am looking at a

Nikon Monarch 4-16x42SF with BDC reticle



Burris Signature Select 4-16x44 with Ballistics Plex reticle

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From what I can find the scopes are pretty comparable. Any advice or personal experience would be helpful. I am not set on these two scopes, but I do like the BDC and B Plex reticles.
Also look at the Bushnell elite 6500. They have a 6x magnification, there is a 2.5-16x42 in a tactical model. I really like this scope myself. The bushnells are one of the best mid range scopes, you get a lot for the money. I would rate Burris, Bushnell and Nikon all about the same, just find the one with the most options that you want. Try to buy their top of the line models if you can, Burris XTR, Bushnell Elite 6500, Nikon Monarch x, or Gold. A 30mm tube will give you more adjustment for longer range work. Look at the scope as an investment, unlike the rifle it is harder to upgrade in the future and you will always appreciate a good scope. Don't get talked into something you don't want, it's like buying a rifle, all personal. Good luck!
Of your two choices, I'd go with Burris Signature Select. I have the FFII with BP in 4.5-14x42 mounted on my Ruger M77 MKII in .338WM and am very pleased. The optics in the signature series is better than FFIIs ... at least the ones I've seen through.

Good luck!

Go hold them both and look through them. I have always been impressed with the Nikon glass myself. It is always best to have your own experience looking through them rather than judging by someone elses response. Good luck!
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Thanks for all the advice. I was set on nikon from just personal experience but I am really impressed with what I've read about burris. I live only 2 miles from Bass Pro so I will definately hold both and look down them.
Has anyone had any experiences with the BDC or B Plex reticles?
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