burris black diamond scopes


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Dec 27, 2003
has anyone out there have any experience with the burris black diamond scopes as far as their reliability for repeteable moa click adjustment value on their target knob set up?
they seem to be pretty good as far repeatabiity[my buddy has one]the only thing i dont like about burris knob system is the fixture below the knob that shows your corrections or zero can pop loose[easy enough to fix though].the other is the fact that when you change power settings the whole eyepiece moves,it works fine just seems weird to me.my-2-dave
6brguy, they've redesigned the BD scopes to eliminate that annoying feature whereby the whole ocular assembly rotated instead of just the typical magnfication ring.

The new BD also features a side parallax adjustment knob, at a slight price increase as you might expect.

Also, the Pentax LS30 (lightseeker w/30mm tube) is virtually the same as a BD (made by Burris in CO for Pentax), and featured the regular mag ring and a smoother transition from the maintube to the objective (unlike the kinda blocky looking older BD version).

Some of the LS30 scopes were on a real good closeout a few mos back via Bear Basin if I recall.
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