Burris AR Signature QD P.E.P.R. Scope Mount


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Jun 21, 2001
NW Florida Piney Woods
I am a bit confused... I mounted a scope on an AR last week and took it to the range. It shot all over the target but the scope is a Leupy Mark 4 that I've been using to test rifles for accuracy for a couple of years now and I simply trust the scope.

I took it to a friend to look over and he said the scope mount is junk and wanted me to try one of his $400 plus mounts (not trying to sell it to me).

I declined but I left the AR with him to look over and he said the mount was loose and he had tightened the four Allen screws on the side of it so tight that the functionality of the quick release was cancelled... <sigh>

Anyway.... I am just going to go back to the range and shoot it again to see if he is right that the mount was loose and just needed tightening.

Does anyone on here use these mounts and if so have they had trouble with them?

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