SOLD/EXPIRED Bullets, brass, and dies for sale or trade.


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Jun 4, 2003
Hermiston, Oregon
I have a few boxes of partial opened bullets and a couple die sets I am looking to sell or trade off for bullets I'll use. Also have some .270 Win and 7mm WSM brass to get rid of. I dont really know what to ask for prices, just PM me with an offer and see what we got.

I would be interested in the following,

1) .224" Nosler btips 40g or 50g, Hornady vmax 40g or 50g.
2) .257" 85g-100g Nosler Btips, Hornady 75g vmax.
3) 7mm 140g NBT's, 160g AB.
4) .308" 180g Nosler BTip or AB
5) 45-70 bullets, Hornady 300g HP's or 350g-405g SP's. Dont really care what brand...

This is a list of what I have,

1) RCBS FL Die Set 270 WSM. Used to size and seat maybe 100 rounds.
2) RCBS FL Die Set 7mm WSM. Used to size and seat maybe 150 rounds.
3) 2 boxes of Remington, factory fired in .270 Winchester
4) 50 Winchester cases that have been 2x fired in .270 Winchester. 29 are primed.
5) New bag of 50 Winchester cases in 7mm WSM
6) .224" 60g Hornady VMAX=87 bullets
7) .224" 52g Hornady AMAX=29 bullets
8) .243" 85g Speer BTSP=33 bullets
9) .243" 85g Sierra HPGK=83 bullets
10).243" 100g Sierra BTSP= 21 bullets
11).257" 100g Nosler Partition=52 bullets, 12 have been pulled, nothing wrong with them
12).277" 140g Nosler Accubond=12 bullets
13).277" 150g Speer Grand Slam=100 bullets
14).277" 150g Sierra BTSP= 52 bullets, 29 have been pulled, nothing wrong with them
15).277" 150g Hornady SST=27 bullets, I believe they've been pulled, but barely visible
16).284" 145g Speer Grand Slam=98 bullets
17).284" 150g Swift Scirocco=15 bullets
18).284" 160g Nosler Partition=34 bullets
19).284" 175g Speer Grand Slam=57 bullets
20).284" 175g Nosler Partition, factory 2nds,=50 bullets
21).284" 180g Berger VLD=16 bullets
22).308" 165g Barnes XLC=61 bullets, 38 have been pulled. Coating was not peeled off during seating as I used a VLD chamfer tool.

So let me know what ya got, or want and see if we can make everybody happy!

Thanks for looking!
Interest - 160g Nosler Partition ( Happy dance)?

18).284" 160g Nosler Partition=34 bullets

How about 18.00 shipped
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Can I buy the 85g 243 SGKs and the 180g 284 Berger VLDs?

I'm in Canada so you would have to ship em north.
I am interested in all .224, .243, .277 and .308. I have PM you 2 times with no reply.

Thank you, Bob
Let me see what I've got left. This is an older thread and most of the stuff has been sold. I can tell you that all the .224" and .243" and most of the .277" and the 165g xlc .308" have also been sold.

I might only have the .277" 150g Sierra game kings left.
probly gone but just checking 16).284" 145g Speer Grand Slam=98 bullets
thanks for the PM...lightbulb ...why not edit the post? I might forget and stumble upon this thread again, only to find everthing is sold but still listed. :D