Bullberry custom Encore in 243

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    Aug 1, 2012
    Complete rifle purchased new from Bullberry around 6-8 years ago and yes i'm original owner. Its a tack driver like all their rifles featuring a 12-16oz trigger, 22" 1-12 twist 1" bull barrel with +2" muzzle break, expedition stocks,bullberry base and warne steel 30mm rings. Under 300 rds fired and shoots 55gr Nosler ballistics tips at 4000FPS.

    Comes with everything pictured but boxes holding the brass and ammo.

    333 or so sized, trimmed,debured, primed with 210m federal match primers all ready to load. Most is Remington brass and Winchester. 50 rds of it are new never fired and rest once and twice fired. All cleaned prepped and ready to load.

    Comes with 350 Nosler 55gr bullets

    76 loaded rounds

    Complete rig ready to go,

    Located in central TX near Waco if local pickup, fastest way to get me is call or TEXT at 254-275-7335 Mark

    $1150 shipped for everything








    Might break up

    barrel with all amoo,brass,bullets,rings,base $550 shipped

    stocks $500 shipped

    frame $275 shipped ALL MUST BE SPOKEN FOR BEFORE I SPLIT