Bolt issues Need some help

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    Apr 21, 2012
    Alright I know there are plenty of guys on here that know more than I do thats why I'm asking for some help, and or suggestions. I have a Rem. 700 I got from a member here. Traded for it a couple months back this is the first time I have had a chance to shoot it. Here is the problem it does not want to eject a fired case it is not a pressure issue as the loads are on the Low end.
    It will eject an unfired case just fine, but once you shoot it that is another story it is hell to eject. It feels like the lugs are hanging up on something. The rifle is an .308 I'm using Winchester cases, 175 SMK's with 43gr. of IMR4895 powder, fed210M primers. Like I said not a hot load by any means. Now here is the weird thing it will eject Fed. factory ammo the American Eagle 180FMJ stuff with just a slight bit of hang up. These loads are a lot hotter than what I am shooting.
    Can it be the difference in the case? To me that dosen't make sence, or could the bolt be out of time? There are no marks on the case once it is extracted. Also I don't notice any marks on the lugs, It has me scratching my head, so what do you think. Thanks for the help!