best lowlight/nightime scope.


Nov 22, 2018
im looking for everyones opinions the best lowlight and nighttime hunting scope. over the past couple years ive been doing more and more nighttime hunting for coyotes especially. I ended up buying a nightforce competition 8-32x56 to put on top a sako varmit 204. this scope has very nice glass but I quickly realized 8 power on the low end is way to much as most nighttime shots are less than 300 yards. also on this model scope the WHOLE reticle lights up which I feel is a disadvantage over having just the center dot illuminated in a low light or no light situation. im toying with the idea of an nx8 2.5-20 but the only thing stopping me there is that they don't have a plain duplex reticle. for me in a hunting situation a good old duplex reticle is much easier for getting on an animal over say the nightforce moar as I have 3 scopes with that reticle. I have yet to find the perfect scope for this application whats everyone using? thanks in advance

Deleted member 115654

Schmidt or Kahles. That's why the military world wide uses them.


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