Best ballistic software???


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May 9, 2001
Right now I use an online program that gives trajectories. It is effective but I want to buy a program that is more detailed.
I would like software that has the cartridges
listed so that you can select one and a barrel length and get approximate velocities and such. It also needs to be easy to use.
Any recommendations would be appreciated. Please include the estimated cost as that will be considered.
There is a program called Shootist that is quite good but it only goes out to 600 yards. It has alot of ballistics measures including a game weight capability measure and a simulator that allows you to practice shooting with the ballistics of your cartridge and bullet. Also has some great firearm and load tracking, and a shooting log with some neat summary statistics capabilities for velocity, pressure, and group size. Check it out at
Right now I'm using the Sierra software that comes with their CD-ROM reloading manual. It isn't too fancy but does pretty much anything I need it to, and it was cheaper than some of the other software I was looking at.

Some features it has that some other don't:

Has BC info for about any major brand of bullet (including factory loads).

You can specify different BC's for different velocities on the same bullet.

It will give you bullet path and wind drift in 1/4 or 1/8 MOA clicks if you want.

It goes to 8000 yds (is that far enough?).

I'm sure there's better stuff out there but this is adequate for my purposes and the price was right.
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