Best all around carrying trapping for 10x50 binoculars

wildcat westerner

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Nov 14, 2009
New 10x50's coming in and its been so long I could use some guidance for the chest assembly strapping so they can be utilized quickly in the field and be held in place firmly so they are not flopping around when not in use. Lots of possibilities, some which look as if they are heavier than the binoculars.!!

Are you just looking for a harness or are you looking for a bino pack? I like the packs substantially more than just a harness. I've used one of the Alaska Guide Creations, it was big and stuck out farther than I liked, not a bad option. I've used FHF Gear's older one, not the FOB, for a long time. I liked that quite a bit and I liked its compactness. I recently went with the Stone Glacier, the Skyline, it's nice very light weight and comfortable. I like the front opening feature much more than the others that I had. The one issue I had with it, while elk hunting and carrying a pistol attached to the harness with a Razco holster, was the clips on the harness would come undone if I jumped off a rock or something or even ran a little bit and got things bouncing. I've yet to try anything to fix this but that's on my agenda before this fall.

I've heard really great things about Marsupial's bino packs too, but haven't tried them yet.
Folks, thank so much for all this info, I will be doing the research to come up with what might be the best answer for me. I will be using 10x50's on a bugling hunt this Fall.

I use FHF gear harness that attaches to PACK shoulder straps w/QD'S.Weight is on pack and with pack.When lot of snow is present then I run the bag to a Kuiu pro.which is qd to harness on pack I run with no bag 95%
I really like my Badlands bino holster. Has quiet magnetic closure/lid for binos, lid is stiff so it moves out of the way when opened, opens wide for easy access, and has small pockets inside for lens cloth, etc., water proof. Shoulder strap is wide and padded so bino weight/straps don't irritate shoulders. Can be adjusted high or low on chest and stays tight against chest. I tried 3 other harness/holsters and this is the one I liked the best.