BEST scope for around $200

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  1. -22-250-

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    Jan 3, 2011
    What is the best scope for around $200 dollars for a 22-250 round being shot at 100-500 yards? also being used for target shooting and coyote hunting.
  2. Aldon

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    Sep 4, 2009
  3. davewilson

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    Feb 19, 2004
    when i saw your post i thought of the same scope. had a guy at the range that just put one of these on his 243, was his first session with it at the range. he was asking me a bunch of questions i assumed because my equipement looked like i should know what i'm talking about. once sighted in i had him shoot 2 groups, 15 moa up and down between each shot. it passed with flying colors, both groups were the size he'd been shooting and a little more than 15" apart. i was very impressed with it's performance.
  4. backwoods83

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    Jan 8, 2011
    a friend of mine has a 4-16x50 ao elite 4200 on his kimber 204 and it has been complete garbage but they may have got a little better. personally id check the nikon buckmaster 6-18x40 mildot sf that midway has on sale. i have one in bdc on my 22-250, they are 1/8" moa and i use the turrets instead of the bdc, after there set to 0 i have never had an issue with the scope not tracking back to its origin, just my .02
  5. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    I have not had any luck with scopes under $300.00 .

    They have all failed one way or the other and at the worst time.

    I would recommend starting with the Nikon Buck master and going up.

    You don't have to go to a $1000.00 scope to get a good one but there is an apparent bottom
    line and it appears to be $300.00 to get something that will work without failure.

    Just my opinion.

  6. huffmanite

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    Sep 15, 2010
    Here is a scope you may want to consider. Have a couple of this brand and it has very good glass and features such as side focus and pull up target type turrets. It is a discontinued model, but brand is owned by ATK, who also owns Weaver and it is basically same scope as a Weaver Grand Slam that sells for over $400, but can be bought in Nitrex by Weaver brand for around $217 after $100 rebate deducted and shipping added. Only complaint I've read about scope is it is on the heavy side....but as I wrote....its buyers have been very impressed with its optics.

    Nitrex TR Two 3-15X50mm Rifle Scope Matte Finish TrexPlex Reticle - Natchez Shooters Supplies TR Two 3-15X50mm Rifle Scope Matte Finish TrexPlex Reticle
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    Jan 16, 2008
  8. Nabob77

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    Jan 4, 2011
    My initial response is that if you consider the possibility of keeping your price to $300 you can get little more scope with reliable clarity.

    These two particular scopes are probably over $200 and can sometimes be found for less then $300 in the US. Also, you will need some decent scope mounts and ensure that they are high enough to clear the bolt handle when it the gun is cycled for follow-up shots.

    1. Burris Fullfield II 3X9 Ballistic plex. This will give you some nice drop markers on the plex that will make it a little easier to place the bullet out to extended yardages.
    2. Bushnell 3200 5 x 15 Milldot Plex. That will provide similar markings on the plex for extended shooting.

    Both of these scopes are reliable and will take what nature has to hand out on extended hunts. it also nice to have some kind of lens caps that can be left on the scope when hunting during foul weather, and can be easily removed when it's time to shoot. And, the scope protection caps are good to have on the scope, for storage when the gun is not in use.
  9. dawg4life

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    Jan 8, 2011
    What about a mueller? I dont own one but I've been looking into them and most people have good things to say about them and they run about 200? I do have a friend who has one on a shotgun and I've personally seen him fall down and land on the scope and it still shoot true. He has never had anything bad to say about it. And i know it can take some recoil from his slugs and 3 1/2" turkey loads.
  10. ishootkittens

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    Feb 7, 2010
    right you are sir, UNDERRATED SCOPE!

    I dont know about the long range ones.. but the shotgun scope I got from mueller was nice. Ive fallen on ice and it was still zeroed. I did cuss everyone and everything in the area but my scope was fine.
  11. pitbullman

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    May 3, 2011
    i am willing to sell my nitrex tr1 3x10x50 riflescope... its very clear and a great scope for coyote hunting..... it looks new and only been put on one gun..... i wanna get 200 bucks for it.