Best 243 load for coyote


Sep 20, 2009
Ill be hunting with an encore prohunter with a 15 in barrel chamberd in 243 win, wondering what would be the best hand load, and factory load, i do not want alot of pelt dammage. any help would be great thanks...
My fall back would be the 80 gr Hornady fmj or the 90 gr Sierra fmjbt. Small hole in, small hole out. . But I've never used the light weight varmint bullets. The 80 grain TSX.would also be a bullet I would try.
I've shot coyotes with every weight bullet for the 243.( 60 gr to 100 gr) All of them do pelt damage. It isn't fur freindly! If you fur hunt I would look at a 223 or a 204.In AZ we arn't allowed FMJ bullets for hunting.
There are only so many questions that can be asked. And the info is relevant and current. .
I've seen too many pics of coyotes with their guts blown out to recommend some of the bullets advocated. But, and this is important. I'm after the hides and the fmjs have worked well for me. I don't mind one running off as from the reports plenty of guys get runners even with the fast expanding bullets.
But if someone has good success with the load they are using. Great I hope they keep using it.
At least with solids I have a good chance of making it thru the shoulder of a 140 lb wolf that's running at 100 yards. Tho for just wolf I would probably shoot a 100 gr soft point in the 243 .
Suppose I could ask this same question using a new thread, but that would take up more space on the site.
Sooooo I will asked this question again with a little change to it. What is a good load using IMR 8208 XBP for the .243 win. and I don't care about pelt damage. but I do care about range 500 yds. and under out of a Striker with a 15" barrel and no break, sbooting from a bipod and flat shooting, wind drift etc etc etc.

IMR 8208 XBR is all the gun shop had left because of all the hording going on.
Thank you in advance
Yes I have but that doesn't tell me what guys have been getting out of it in real world loading and shooting. I have never used it and was wondering if it is almost as good as Varget or another.
Also I am looking for info. concerning using it. What works what doesn't work so good. etc etc.kust the normal newbie long range shooting questions without starting another thread.
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