berger 185 gr juggernaut


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Sep 8, 2011
Hey guys, looking for a little guidance before I waste copper and lead. My 308 lights out load is lapua brass neck turned with 2k of tension trimmed to 2.002. 44 grains of rl15 and federal 210 gm primers. I am pushing a 175 Berger otm seated at 2.815 and flying at 2700 fps. This load is sub.5 moa at 100yards and takes 9.5 mils of elevation to hit 1k yards. Under the same load with a 178 hornady bthp seated 2.860 I get 2725 fps and the same accuracy. It takes .1 mils more of elevation to hit 1k yards.

I bought some of the new 185 juggernauts with a stated g1 bc of .560. I am thinking of backing of the rl 15 a bit because the bullet probably has more bearing surface. My shooter application with my kestrel tells me if I can get 2600 fps this will extend my effective range substantially (1450 yards and still ss) I'm not hunting, I just love ELR and the ring of the steel. Any input is appreciated

Has anyone shoot this bullet? and what results. Thanks
Hey srlamy, I shot at a match last weekend and the guy that won it was shooting the Berger 185 juggernaut's. The wind ate me alive while I was shooting the 175 SMK's. He shot 389 out of 425 with a total of 24 v-bulls; at the 900m he shot 1.73 moa. at the 800m the wind was much more calm and his shooting was 1.07 moa. My shooting was 2.7moa at 900m and 1.7moa at 800m. My rifle is a stock savage (bedding job only) and I was shooting the 175gr smk's.

At any rate, I picked a box of the 185gr juggernaut's up and can't wait to get to the range to see how they shoot.
Thanks for the feed back. I founds a load for these that is sub .5 moa .. I only shoot 5 shot groups to really make sure. I used 42.2 grains of rl15 seated at 2.860 (max magaxine length for me) average velocity from my ohler 35p was 2625 with sd at 10fps. That day in question with weather input from my kestrell showed the juggernaut staying ss to 1375 yards. the 2 pics attached are the juggernaut with just plain cardboard. 5 shots at .44 moa at 100. The other pick is 5 shots of 178 hornady next to a dime. That recipece is my cheapist to shoot and that 5 shot group is close to .25 moa. Hope they work well for you! I am going in the am with the juggernaut and see what she will do. I have a target at 1k and 1400 yards. Let me know how they work for you, I could be in the low node of accuracy and if that is the case I will push them a little harder and see what she does. Steve


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