Bergara HMR 300wm nib

How does yours shoot?
They both showed up two days ago so I haven't had it out. Trigger at factory settings is impressive though, very clean break will little to no creep. Ergonomics are as expected, it's gonna be a winner, the other HMR's I've been around we're hammers
Possibly. Need dcopes as usual...FFP in Mrad. An F1 SHV would be considered for straight up trade but will add money for a mark 6.
this is the one I'm keeping so no scope,rail, brake. i do have a seekins 0moa rail for it though if interested. also i failed to mention this is listed on rokslide as well. thanks for looking.IMG_5904.JPGIMG_5905.JPGIMG_5906.JPGIMG_5907.JPG