Barnes Triple Shocks

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  1. Ian M

    Ian M Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2001
    We shot the 168 Triple Shocks the other day so my friend could hunt cow elk with them in his .308 rifle. We shot in fifty yard increments out to 350 yards, then went in 25 yard increments all the way to 625 yards. Results - these are very accurate bullets in his Mike Rock barreled rifle. Shot 3-shot groups and did a lot of moving to cover all 17 firing locations (counting 100 yards).
    Some of the better 3-shot groups were:
    1.75" @ 400 yards, 2.25" @ 475 yards, and an amazing 1,5" @ 625 yards. Virtually all of the groups measured around 1/2 moa, some beat it by a bunch, only a couple went over 1 moa (easy to do with wind).
    Should be interesting if he gets a poke at a cow elk next week.
    He has shot the XLC's quite a lot and he is switching.