B&C style 2 bedding?????

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    Feb 9, 2014
    hope i have this in the right forum to post this question. I bought a medalist style 2 stock which has a aluminum bedding block. My ole man and i kinda got into it about bedding the stock or should i say skim bed it. I know that its been designed NOT needing a bedding job but he kept on bringing up that the recoil lug needs to be bedded also. My dad has always been big on bedding but i just havent ever used a bedding system like this one that would need a bedding job. What are the importance of having a good recoil lug bedded? The other question i have is that the pillar mounts are a slight lower than the aluminum block. Is this the way its supose to be ? Ive read and seen on some videos that it should be a hair higher than the alum block. any insight would be great. thanks guys