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Dec 17, 2022
Anyone have any recommendations? looking for a good smith to chamber and assemble a box of expensive parts into a rifle? I have all of the parts, reamer and gauges. Thanks for any help
When I lived in Flagstaff I used Gary Reeder a couple times and his work was excellent. In addition he was was able to get to the work in a reasonable timeframe. I’ve had other smiths quote me a month and 6 months later they still hadn’t touched it.
Small sample size but I inherited a colt python from my uncle that he unfortunately kept on his boat in Florida. It was in very rough shape. I thought it might end up having t be a wall hanger. Took it to Gary and I was stunned how good it looked and performed. He also did a barrel swap on a savage for me. I know that is simple work but he did it on the spot while I waited. I understand some people find him controversial but I have had good luck with him and have just talked guns with him in his shop numerous times and he was very personable to me.
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I have used Owens Armory in Chino Valley with great results. Also Ruffs in Flagstaff just rebarreled my 300 Weatherby MK V to a 300 PRC. RPG is their web. Excellent!
Thanks for all of your replies. I went with Owens Armory. They are close to home and I have family filling their freezers with their rifles.

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