Looking for a good gunsmith in Az


Nov 30, 2014
Looking for a good gunsmith in Arizona. I live in Chandler. My Tikka T3X shoots great but the bolt is hard to close and open. Shooting factory Hornady ammo. Any recommendations.
I'm not familiar with the Tikkas, But with the Rem 700's take the bolt apart and clean the threads, then use some antiseize on them and see if it opens and closes easier. Just a thought. If the threads are rough, I have used 1200 grit lapping compound on them and then cleaned and used the anitseize on them.
Is the bolt hard to close and open when there is no round in the chamber, or only when you have your factory ammo in the chamber?
Both. It might actually be a bit harder without anything chambered. It’s been this way since I bought it new. It still shoots sub MOA though.
My son just bought the exact same rifle in the same caliber. Would it be ok to try his bolt in my gun just to see if it’s easier?
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