Axis deer - Hawaii


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Feb 20, 2017
Hey guys, looking for some recommendations on guided axis deer hunting in Hawaii. Planning a family vacation there for about a year from now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don’t necessarily need to kill a world record animal.

I should clarify that we haven’t decided on where/what island we are staying yet just now trying to figure this all out
Copy that, I am trying to do the same thing.....have not yet decided to hunt in Hawaii yet or Texas....but ill share a reply from
Hawaii Safaris that i just received this morning after I e-mailed them yesterday :


Thank you for your recent inquiry into hunting with us. We offer excellent free-range quality 1x1 hunts for all of Hawaii species on over 100,000 acres of private land managed for trophies by quotas. All of our hunting is free range, spot and stalk and over the past 31 years we have had 99.5% opportunity on our hunts.

Our prime Axis deer hunting is from May-August. We do have availability this year. We would recommend Hunting on Molokai as we do have larger bucks and herds. Our Maui & Moloka'i ranches have great Axis deer, Blackbuck antelope, Polynesian boar and Spanish goat hunting. Attached is a video of a recent show featuring our Axis deer hunting . On the Big Island we offer excellent Black Hawaiian & Mouflon cross rams, Spanish & Ibex goats, Polynesian boar, and Rio Grande turkey (March 1-April 15). All of our Big Game hunts are offered year round by quotas on the large, private ranches that we guide on.

We offer bottom fishing trips on Maui and Molokai which are $2200/day on our fishing boats. Maui and Molokai offer excellent near shore fishing for amberjack, Ono, Mahi, Ahi, giant trevally, snapper and jacks. We also offer fishing charters on the Big Island as well that are $1500/day.

Hawaii requires purchasing your all-inclusive $105/non-resident Hawaii Hunting License in advance online at and remember to bring a print out with you. If you are purchasing a Hawai'i License for the first time you will need your Hunter's Safety Certificate and must fill out and submit the "Non-Resident Exemption Request Form" first. If you do not have a Hunter's Safety Certificate you can take an online course at No tags are needed for the private lands that we hunt on. We include caping and quartering of game and local taxidermy drop off. We can also arrange for your meat to be vacuumed, sealed and frozen to be picked up and taken as luggage in a soft cooler. Our meat processing and packaging (including freezing) is $200 for Axis bucks and $100 for all other big game. Recommended gear for out hunts is lightweight camo top and pants, good hiking boots, binoculars, and a small day pack.

We have a large selection of custom, accurate rifles which you are welcome to rent ($100 per person/per hunt) and include ammunition. If you choose to bring your own weapon you are required to register it with our local Police department. Depending on the island you are visiting there are several options for lodging. On Maui, we offer a condo in Kuau Plaza (1 bed/1bath - $225/night) located on Maui's North Shore - 15 minutes from our hunting, a condo located at Island Surf in Kihei (1 bed/1 bath- 30 minutes from hunting $225/night) as well as a 5th wheel in Kula (1bed/1bath - 10 minutes from hunting - $195/night) . We also have car rentals available on Maui. On Moloka'i, we have a condo available for hunters at Wavecrest Resort at $150/night + $150 cleaning. If you would like to add this to your hunt package please contact us directly and please inquire if you would like further details on pricing and availability. On the Big Island we recommend the Marriott Courtyard located in Kailua-Kona or anywhere close to Ali'i Drive in Kona. We offer a complimentary pick-up service from Kona & some Moloka'i accommodations, but we do recommend renting your own car.

Attached is our price list. Please feel free to email or call with further questions, details and availability and we hope to share our great hunting with you.

Here is a copy/paste of the rate sheet as well :

Maui Island:
Axis deer, Polynesian Boar, and Spanish Goat on 20,000 acres. Our Axis bucks average 29"-33" and hunters
normally see 50+ deer per day, 5-10 pigs or 100+ goats according to the species targeted.
Maui Axis Buck (2 day hunt) Success 99% $3,950
Maui Axis Mgmt Doe (1 day hunt) Success 99% $950 (Additional doe $550)
Additional Mgmt Doe (with purchase of buck) $550
Polynesian Boar (1 day hunt) Success 95% $1,700
(w/ Knife & Dogs)
Spanish Goat (1 day hunt) Success 99.5% $1,850

Moloka'i Island:
Axis Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, Spanish goat and Polynesian Boar offered on 50,000 acres. Guests will see an
average of 75+ Axis deer and 20+ Blackbuck per day. Axis bucks average 29"-33".
Moloka'i Axis Buck (2 day hunt) Success 99% $3,950
Moloka'i Blackbuck Antelope Success 99% $4,700
Moloka'i Axis Mgmt Doe (1 day hunt) Success 99% $950 (Additional doe $550)
Additional Mgmt Doe (with purchase of buck) $550
Spanish Goat (1 day hunt) Success 99.5% $1,850
Polynesian Boar (1 day hunt) Success 95% $1,700
(w/ Knife & Dogs or Rifle)

Big Island of Hawai'i :
Polynesian Boar, Spanish Goat, Black Hawaiian Sheep, Mouflon Cross, and Rio Grande Turkey hunting
offered on 40,000 acres. Guests will normally see 75+ sheep or goats depending on the area hunted. On pig
hunts guests will see an average of 5-10 pigs/day.
Black Hawaiian Sheep (full day hunt) Success 99.5% $2,300
Mouflon Cross Sheep (2 day hunt) Success 99.5% $3,500
Spanish & "Ibex" Goats ( full day hunt) Success 99.5% $1,850
Polynesian Boar (full day hunt-rifle) Success 95% $1,100
Rio Grande Turkey (1 or 2 day hunt) Success 99.5% $1,800 (One Bird Minimum – 1 day hunt)
March 1-April 14 $1,000 (Second Bird – 2 Day Hunt

If you find out any other info please let me know as well, I am probably looking at next year as well.
Good Luck!!
I lived in HI and left for the Mianland in 97. The Big Island had the "Parker Ranch" to hunt on.
James K did a good write up to Hunt HI.
These prices are way off since I was there but it is different being a "Kamaaina". Moloka'i had tons of deer. I was lucky to hunt a as a local for Pig with a Spear!