atn 12*36*80


Jan 17, 2004
Does anyone have any advice on the atn 12*36*80 scopes or any of atn's other scopes for a long range hunting scope? How are their optics and quality and reliability? They have both range finders and BDC systems built in.
If someone gave me one for free I would find some use for it, perhaps as a paperweight. I would never put one on a rifle however. I have seen the big ATNs and they look very strange on most rifles but that is not what is really important. What is important is the optical quality. It is as if there is smudges on the lense or focus is not quite correct at all times and is worse at the edges.

Any questions?
A friend had one on his AR15, bought it from a local gunstore here. The rear scope ring locked the focus ring right up tight! He had to loosen it to the point it was almost not even clamped on in order to allow the focus ring to work, and it still would stick.

He returned the scope, and the dealer has also since quite stocking them because the return rate was enormous. I have never heard a good thing about these scopes, nor would I ever buy one. The glass is the worst I've ever looked through to top that off. Simmons, Tasco and Bushnell are leaps ahead of this outfit! BSA is the only other scope I wouldn't have any part of, that's another story...
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