ATF eForm 4 Reduced Wait Times?

I bet they have had a big rush on new cans sold. Plus I think they are just now starting to gain a lot of popularity. Sales may have been on the verge of exponential growth anyway and with short approval times many are probably jumping to get them while it's good.
Trust - 2/14/2024
Individual - 3/12/2024 (was hoping to get on the quick approval but my luck did not pan out). Wondering if it got lost somewhere since this was right after the outage they had.
So here is what Silencer Shop is posting actual wait times are.
My take is that they are speeding things up to get rid of the crazy long wait times. This
way the wait times can't used against them in lawsuits like the Texas Suppressor lawsuit.

Last week the median wait times on Silencer shop got down to 4 days for individual efile and 104 days for trust efile. They have slowly been creeping back up since then. I wonder if a massive amount of new suppressors has hit the system since a lot of people have "grabbed" several more because of the fast turn around....get them while the getting is good. They are posting 27 days for individual now and 123 days for trusts. That is still much better than 9 to ?? months!!!
Single shot trust through silencershop
Certified 2/3/24
Approved 4/17/24

Still waiting on a Dead Air Mask I certified as an individual on 3/18 through Scheels.
just got one of 2 ordered 16 mo ago! Called 3 places this am none could verify less than 6mo for a trust
Of course silencershop is almost empty on suppressors now..
I posted the silencershop wait times page on this thread. I don't have any ordered from there mine are on hold from Silencer Central. LOL
I just googled wait times and found Silecershops page with daily updated wait times. Silencer Central has also been moving up their wait times. When I talked to a guy from Silencer Central back in early March he said that many have been getting approved in 1 to 4 days as individuals.
Wierd stuff going on at ATF is how he put it.
I am hoping for my Silencer Central etrust to surprise me before too long with the release from purgatory email. :D