ARP 20" 5.56x42 AR barrel.


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
This is simply the 6.8 SPC necked down to .22 Cal and slightly shortened to 42mm.

It is faster than the .22 Nosler and the .224 Valkyrie with the heavies. With the neck being slightly shorter. One can shoot the 75gr A-Max & ELD's at Mag length without the ogive issue bellow the case neck.

ARP did it right with this chambering.

This barrel has 200 rounds or so on it. Shoots 1/2 MOA with 75gr V-Max's and CFE powder. Clearing out a bunch of AR15 stuff. I'm more interested in wildcat chamberings on AR10's lately.

This is the full package! Here is a list of what is included.

AR Performance 5.56x42 barrel
Melonite finish
5R/ 1-8 twist
Rifle length gas
5/8-24 muzzle threads
Anderson adjustable gas block with gas tube
Thread protector
Matched 6.8 SPC bolt from ARP
5/8-24 muzzle brake with jam nut

300 Nosler brass, some 1x, some 2x, some new. All have been necked down, trimmed to length and neck turned.

Redding 6.8 SPC type "S" bushing die with .247 for necking down the 6.8 to 5.56x42

Forester .22 PPC competition die set for neck sizing the formed cases after firing and bullet seating

$350.00 for the whole package Shipped. Payment by PayPal plus fee or friends/family. I leave the payment option to the descrection of the purchaser. Uploads/IMG_7137_zpsvffyphkj.jpg

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