Arkansas hunters

South arkansas, hadnt been too much between work and traveking to texas but hopefully i cam get out to my lease for coyotes soon
We are around the Jonesboro area, haven't been out after them yet though. We usually get after them starting Mid January.
Yeah we usually do pretty well. Hunt a lot of chicken and cattle farms mostly. All the way from Jonesboro, Pocahontas, Cave City. Most of the farmers around there are happy to let you hunt coyotes on their property as long as you know how to close a gate.
I hunted around Forrest City as a kid back in the 70s. Join the military in 80 and didn't get a chance to hunt again until 85. The land owner told me no trespassing because the Yahoos out of Memphis had tore up his fields. This guy knew me all my life. Be respectful to the land owners.
I am from Greenwood close to ft. Smith. I haven't had good luck calling to coyotes since bout '07. Im not saying I'm great at it at all, but seems like they very call shy for a long time!
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