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Ar500 targets


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Jul 26, 2014
Denton, TX
Cut up some more 3/8" plates. Local to Sanger, Tx but can ship all but the 24" plates in a Med flat rate for 13.65 (up to 70lbs).

3/8" Thick:

24" Square - 125.00.....ALL SOLD
12" Gongs - 35.00..... ALL SOLD
10" Gongs - 25.00..... ALL SOLD
8" Gongs - 15.00..... ALL SOLD
6" Gongs - 10.00..... ALL SOLD
4" Gongs - 5.00..... ALL SOLD

1/2" Thick (will cut Monday) was just going to do 12" squares unless there is a request.

12" Square - 42.00 ea

3-8 by NTX Shooter, on Flickr
24 by NTX Shooter, on Flickr
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All sold for now except for the" square.

Will be cutting 1/2" thick plate tomorrow and will post up what I have then.

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