1. ntxshooter

    Ar500 targets

    Cut up some more 3/8" plates. Local to Sanger, Tx but can ship all but the 24" plates in a Med flat rate for 13.65 (up to 70lbs). 3/8" Thick: 24" Square - 125.00.....ALL SOLD 12" Gongs - 35.00..... ALL SOLD 10" Gongs - 25.00..... ALL SOLD 8" Gongs - 15.00..... ALL SOLD 6" Gongs - 10.00...
  2. 3

    Zeiss Victory 2500 vs Leica Geovid 3000

    I was hoping somebody who owns either of these or can get their hands on them could do a review and or comparison? They have been out for a little while now and I'm having troubles finding alot of good information and reviews. I think alot of us would really like to see how well they do on soft...
  3. A

    News from Alloy Targets, LLC

    What’s New at We are excited to introduce our new XHD (Extra Heavy Duty) line. We’ve recently added ½” AR500 plate to our inventory. This should be of particular interest to members here, especially for those seeking a durable target for rifle calibers at moderate ranges...