SOLD/EXPIRED AR Parts, Mystery Ranch and Misc

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Dec 18, 2008
Laramie, WY
Hi All,

I've got a number of parts and some gear up for sale or trade:

- Larue RISR - great condition includes all parts. $50 shipped.

- JP Enterprises/VTac carbine length modular handgurad, black, great contion. Complete minus the swivel stud and mount. $155 shipped.

- 2 Burris 1/2" flat top risers. These are new in the package. $42 shipped for the pair.

- 300 WSM ammo/brass lot includes: 8 Winchester 180 grn Power Points, 14 Federal 180 grn Fusion, and 9 180 grn Federal Soft Points and 12 pieces of 1x win brass and 14 pieces of 1x fed brass. $35 shipped.

- Mystery Ranch NICE Wolf Alpha and NICE Woldpup (NO daypack lid or NICE Frame, just the the bags). Foliage in color, good condition with a few stains and some dust. $300 shipped.

Email is all I can reliably respond to. Please email for pics: [email protected]

Payment via USPS MO or paypal (you cover the fees, no gifting).

For trades I'm interested in: Other AR parts, especially Magpul followers for GI mags, Pmags, 16" carbine barrels, 40 S&W or 223 bullets, Dillon 550b parts or Nikon scopes w/ BDC.

Thanks all and God bless you,

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