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Discussion in 'Equipment Discussions' started by rpainter, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. rpainter

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    Feb 10, 2011
    I am going to be ordering a new gun for me real soon. The main purpose of the gun is to kill paper and also shoot coyotes on my hunting farm.
    I have narrowed the search down to two guns and would like opinions on either:
    1. Stag arms Model 6 varmint 24" barrel with a 1:8 twist
    2. RRA A4 varmint 24" barrel 1:8 twist. I am also going to upgrade the trigger and the bolt carrier to chrome platted and the barrel will be bead blasted.

    What would be the better one. I am likeing the RRA but it is $200 higher and a 4 to 6 week wait
    gun) Thanks Rob
  2. 223Rem

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    Jan 26, 2010
    You can not go wrong with either, however I would lean towards the RRA for two reasons.

    1. RRA's two stage trigger. You will most likely find that it does not need replacing for your intend use.
    2. RRA's Wylde chamber. The Wylde chamber basically splits the difference in throat length between .223 Rem and 5.56 Nato. You can safely shoot both 5.56 Nato and .223 Rem ammo in the Wylde chamber but with less bullet jump to the lands as compared to the 5.56 NATO. This should equate to better accuracy.

    Don't bother getting a chromed bolt or carrier. Chromed BCGs allow for easier cleaning and aid in reliability is adverse conditions but with proper maintenance and your intended use a standard BCG will be fine.

    Nice thing about the RRA rifles is that you have your choice of optic mounts which actually put the price closer to the Stag. Do yourself a favor and get the cantilevered 30mm mount regardless what optic you plan to use for several reasons.

    1. Proper eye relief is critical on the AR15s. At the very least the rear objective should not be aft of the charging handle. The upper receiver has a finite amount of ring spacing and most optics have eye relief too long to accommodate both rings on the receiver. A one piece cantilever mount will allow you to mount the optic further forward and allow for an overall better shooting position.

    2. The 30mm mount give you more versatility since you can use both 30mm maintube scopes and 1" maintube scope with a set of delrin inserts found at Brownells for $20 (also the delrin inserts protect the tube from ring marks which will give the scope a higher resell value).

    Hope this help.
  3. HighKnob

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    Dec 1, 2009
    Don't know if it's just me, but my 1-8 twist 20 in. stainless barrel doesn't like any of the light bullets i'd prefer for varmint hunting. I'm ordering a 1-9 next time to try.