Anyone have experience with these scopes?

I don't have any personal experience with either of these. If you want more information, I would look on Sniper Hide and Sniper Central's websites. You will likely find more info about the Falcon on the Hide and more about WOTAC at Sniper Central. Just in what I have read, they both seem pretty good, but there appear to be some questions with the Falcon right now, mainly because of their website being down for so long. The WOTAC seems to be pretty good in the price range, but most of the guys on those sites suggest getting the Generation 4 which is the newest model. I have read a few complaints off and on about the Falcon, but not the WOTAC. The guy that owns WOTAC is Matt Wonders. He seems to have a good reputation and to stand behind his product. Give him a calll and talk with him. Again, no personal experience, just a synopsis of what I have read.
I don't have any experience with them either-YET-but have heard lots of good from posters on other sites. They seem to be a very quality scope for the price. I would like to upgrade my 10x and put a 4 x 14 on my 300 RUM. Would also like a 1.5 x 5 on my Husky x62! Now if I can only convince my kids.....

I have played with the falcon for about year now on a 7mm stw and couldn't be happier with the retical and turret combo both in mil rather than mil and moa combo . dials up down left right great as far as being clear could be better but not bad comparing to NF and Zeiss. The click on the turrets not very positive kind of mushy. but overall very good scope for the money so far.
Thanks USMC 338 I think I am going to order the 4-14x44mm FFP Falcon with the Enhanced Mil Dot reticule for $395.

Anyone else have one? What do you think?

I too have a Falcon Menace and am pleased with this scope the quality for the price is great! I have done multiple box tests with this scope and it tracks well. The down side of this scope is the turretts and the weight.

I do not have any experience with Wotac. I hope this helps you, just remember there are a lot of other options you just need to do some research. For instance I will be buying a Clearidge scope for my next scope to try.

I have used the WOTAC 10x. I have it mounted on a Savage 17HMR and shot a box test at 50 yards. I had to walk down to the target after the second round to make sure I was hitting the target. All 4 shots were in the same holes as the first four. I went around four times and the largest group was under 1/2". When I went back to zero, the last shot touched the first. I have used this rifle/scope combo on one prairie dog hunt and it preformed great. Obviously, with the 17HMR, I could not test it at extreme ranges or testify to how it handles recoil, but I can say that I could see prairie dogs at longer ranges just as well as with the Leupolds that were along for the trip. I liked it well enough to get a 4..5 - 14, but have not got it mounted yet.
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