Antelope pics from hunt? Can someone help me post them here?


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Jan 3, 2004
Me and my dad just got back from a New Mexico antelope hunt. We were both successful!! My antelope has a perfect heart shape set of 15 3/8" horns w/ 7 1/4" bases. My dads is 14 1/4" and 6 1/4" at the bases. I used a Tikka T3 300wsm and my shot was 452 yards. My B&C reticle in my Leupold should did help! My dads shot was 355 yards and he used a Remington 700 308 win. Could I email the pics to someone to get them posted in this topic? Thanks!
Sure, email them to me and I'll put then up for you.

How's things in Raton?? Windy??

[email protected]
I tried to down load his pics. I can't seem to get them to open.

Can someone else jump in here and help this guy out??

Sorry, LOBO..sakofan....
sure hope we get those pictures posted soon,7 inch bases sound wonderful.great job congrats to you and your dad.
I just sent the pics again. Let me know if they come through. If not I will get my Dad to send them to you. He has a different computer. Thanks for your help.

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