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    Apr 29, 2012
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    I was talking to a friend the other day it was a conversation that I really wouldnt want aired out. I laughed and said they can probably hear all that is being said on our cell phones right now . Thats exactly what these drones will do ! I dont like it one bit. They say that they are not armed but I wouldnt count on them to be honest about that.

    Some things to consider ....

    How do you like that several thousand feet up an electronic aircraft that could malfuntion at any moment is flying over our houses while we lay asleep at night ?Who knows where it could come down....
    If they really are loaded with a few hundred hellfire missles think about that kind of malfuntion ? Could be devistating!

    This isnt afgahnistan. Although our presidents name sounds just like one !

    I think it is simply a control tool for the government .
    They used on of these in Alabama , a man shot a bus driver took a 6 year old boy as hostage and hid out in a home made bunker . news reported that a drone looked down into the bunker some 6 ft deep to see that the boy was alive must have been able to read heat indications . I still do not think we need them.
    I simply feel that our government cannot be trusted especially right now .
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