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Mar 6, 2008
For the 2011 hunting season, I carried a 14.5 lbs rifle into the wilderness, a custom 270 Winchester (see article). It was as accurate and ballistically capable as it was heavy. A 28" varmint contoured barrel and AICS were the biggest culprits in the obese nature of this rifle. Not yet thirty years of age, I can carry the extra weight with little negative effect overall. The long barrel when traveling cross-country was probably the greatest setback. By the time the 2012 hunting season was weighing heavily on my mind, the thought of taking my 270 into the wilderness led to almost involuntary back stretching. Perhaps a gear upgrade would be appropriate in the rifle department. The 270 was meant to serve in match shooting as well as hunting. My next rifle would have no double duty stipulations. Read More...
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Jan 13, 2008
Everett, WA
Thanks wildrose and iclimb. I'm glad you enjoyed the article. Yes we are very concerned with supporting continued growth of the sport including bringing up the next generation. Ron and I managed to help my son get his first buck this year as we'll, very exciting as a father

The suppressor was made by thunderbeast, it's an excellent can! There is a difference in point of impact from the can that varies depending on the weight/profile of the barrel. On my 7wsm it was about 2 moa. On my mtu contoured match barrel it was less than 1 moa. The accuracy tends to be better when using the can. We did extensive testing to make sure there were no issues with the first few shots one the suppressor was reinstalled. The very first shot was right on every time... We were very pleased as some cans require several shots before consistency can be achieved.
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