Alaskan Moose Drop Camp Opportunity


Oct 20, 2009
Forum hunters, I am letting you know of a special opportunity offered by my friend, a master guide in Alaska. His hunting territory, in Unit 20 east of Denali National Park, has exceptional moose and he can't hunt it all. He operates horseback hunts for sheep, moose, grizzly and wolves each fall. There are many areas that he doesn't hunt, simply due to distance away from his main camp and also the fact he doesn't need to travel far to shoot moose. He has nearly 100% success rate for his guided moose hunts, averaging 57" moose for the last 18 years. This is the same camp that Best of the West filmed many hunts from in the past.

He is offering (2) groups of 4 hunters a 10 day drop camp opportunity for the 2016 season. $7500 per person, plus $900 flight in/out of the drop camp. He and I both expect the drop camps to have between 50-100% success, depending on hunters physical abilities and desire. Food, tents, cots, all equipment needed other than personal gear will be provided. Each group will be at least 6-20 miles away from his guided hunters, hunting areas without any competition. Camp will have firewood, stoves, and satellite communication to the base camp. Shoot your moose, field dress it and there will be a wrangler in camp the next morning with mules to bring your trophy moose back to camp.

This game unit has the highest moose population per sq. mile of any area in Alaska. Short 45 minute bush plane flight from Fairbanks airport. Guided hunts run $17,000 plus airfare so these drop camps are a great value. If a huge moose is on your bucket list, drop me a PM or an email at [email protected] and I will give you more details.


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