Advice for First time bear hunter


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Oct 13, 2009
Hi guys

I live in the UK and would love to do my first bear hunt next year! (fingers crossed)

Has anyone got any contacts for outfitters etc that i can contact and maybe arrange a trip with please.

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Re: Advice for First time beer hunter

Now that my friends would be a true beer run...I used to think the 25mile drive to Wisconsin was almost too far :D
I'll bet he ment bear?
Re: Advice for First time beer hunter

Beer! its a cross between a deer and a bear! :rolleyes:

Think i best amend it... It should be Bear! lol
if i were going all the way across the Atlantic to shoot a bear(assuming black bear) I would look into an outfitter in Alaska or B.C. , for quantity and quality of bears. Just my opinion.
I would agree with going to alaska or B.C. I would look into Prince of Wales in southeast Alaska. I have hunted there before and there are alot of nice bears. I do a D.I.Y. hunt. I am headed back in may 2010!!!
Muskeg Excursions and Annahootz Alaskan Adventures are 2 of the best outfitters on the island.
You will want to be there in the middle part of may. This seems to be the best time to catch them coming out of hibernation.
You could try to make very good friends with someone on her and do a host guided hunt, all your friend has to do is apply for his c guiding license and fill out some papers for him and you and then you can save yourself some money as all you would have to do is pay for flights and your licenses. You will probably save yourself ten thousand dollars. Do a search for canadian hunter/host hunting, see wat it turns up.
lots of great ground for spot and stock type hunting on the oregon side of the snake river. DIY or contact the guys at cornucopia outfitters out of Halfway Oregon for hunts there or in the Imnahas. eastern oregon is home for me and usually things tend to cost alot less over there. make sure your in shape its STEEP country but i have great success on bear there.
oregon does not allow hunting over bait(wich is usually very close range) but because your on this site im asuming you want to spot and stock. sorry forgot to mention this before. also fall bear is over the counter tag, where as spring bear you have to draw for. im sure an outfitter could help with taggs. of the last 3 bears i whacked there, one will go record book, one was 3/16'' shy of book, and one i miss judged and only went a hair over 16 and 1/2''
Carry an extra pair of underware......................

..............................just in case:)
If U are going for black bear I would recommend B.C. Canada. I live in the interior of Northern B.C. and I can tell you we got lots and lots of em up here. We mostly road hunt . I live in the Vanderhoof Culcluz lake area and we have hundreds if not thousands of miles of logging roads out back. We get on a logging road and drive about 30 -35 mph until we spot one get out and shoot em. You got to be fast because if the bear hears your vehicle he is gone like a shot into the bush. Sometimes you only have a few seconds to get out shove a round in get a sight picture and shoot. Sometimes you get lucky because of the topo and can spot a bear a good ways down the road before he spots or hears you. We also hunt the huge timber cut blocks, (logged areas that have been clear cut). For that we like to park away from them and walk in quiet like and glass the hills and valleys. Spring Bear season is open right now, I have been out a few times but have not spotted anything. The dandelions are out and the green stuff is starting to sprout so it will not be long before we start seeing them. Bears love to eat the clover and new grass shoots in the spring along the logging roads. Their digestive system is just starting to wake up from their long winters sleep and they seem to go for the new green. One way that U can tell if the bears are out and active is their sign posts left on the road in the form of scatt. When you start seeing that you know for sure that they are active. I have not seen any scatt at all yet this year. We usualy see 10 to 15 bears every time we go out there are so many. I am going to be very pickey this year. I will not take a bear under 6 feet and will try and hold out for one 7 foot or better. I know they are out there. We got one old bruen out back they call Old Goliath, he is suspose to be over 12 feet when standing on his hinds. The local ranchers have been trying for years to get him.
A couple of years ago the wife and I were up fishing and camping on the Babine lake here in B.C. When fisherman talk fishen and the Babine they do so in hushed tones because it is world class fishing. There area is thousands of square miles of wilderness and hundreds of miles of lake shore. Anyway we were on a logging road between Red Bluff and Smithers Landing during the month of June and we saw huge piles of bear scatt every hundred yards or so for miles on end. One thing that was kind of strange though we did not see one bear. We think we were seeing Grizzley bear scatt and they got out of sight before we were able to spot one.

Good luck hope you get one.

Cheers & Tighter Groups: Eaglesnester
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Vancouver island BC is the place to go for spot and stalk black bears. The price is over double what you would pay on a baited hunt but trophy quality is much better as is the whole experience.Sitting in a tree looking at a bait barrel dosnt really appeal especially if you have traveled all that way to hunt.
Try the guide outfitters association of British Columbia for some good info on outfitters or pm me if you want a recommendation
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