ADG brass??

I’m shooting some adg, mixed results so far. I’m going to run it a little more and see what happens. Never had a problem with Nosler brass, on the fifth firing. This is with my 28
Yeah, the 264 Win Mag was out before the 7mm Rem Mag, so you could say the 7 mag is based off the 264 Win mag...
Not to put too fine a point on it but Lance is essentially correct, both cartridges are based off the same case dimensions, the difference being caliber.

OP, I think the 7 Mag offering from ADG may be a better choice, if that's what you want to do.

7mm RM brass is a lot better way to go. It would be a simple neck resize. If you used the .300 WM, you would have to push the shoulder back, trim and probably have to ream the necks.
Our WM and 7RM brass are formed quite differently. Having no data on what your doing, I would say that the WM brass is going to too think in area that will become the new neck.
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