add stock weight



All you need to do is remove material where it can be removed and refill with lead shot mixed with epoxy.
usualy a good deal of material can be removed from the forend and but stock. don't fill them up totaly so you'll be able to adjust the balance later if you feel the need.
Thank you very much JDjones75,I appreciate
your input. i think i'll try this, but i'm
not sure i will be completely happy with a
pure benchrest stock. Does anyone have any
Joe , what is it your asking for in a stock ? gonna use it for purely bench shooting or prone from bi-pod ?

The 40x stocks are pretty good stocks as far as riding the bags well and handeling from the bi-pod and off hand.

Are you adding weight to reduce recoil or just add stability ??
i have acquired a 40xb in 300 rem. saum.i beleive this gun will take whitetails at 500-600 yds. my problem is the gun has a very light mcmillan stock, and i would like to add a significent amount of additionl weight
to the stock.thanks in advance.
I have killed several whitetails at distances up to 400 yds shooting prone with
bi pods or a prone rest. I feel that 400 yds is max. for a 308. I had borrowed a used sendero in 300 rum from my local rem. dealer, who is also a good friend, to try prone shooting with, and my junk right shoulder will not let me shoot a 300 rum
enough to be proficent at 500 - 600 yds.
He had 2 demo 40x rifles that remington
built for an outdoor writers shoot. I took one and shot it and since I already own the legal limit of 308s I now own the 300 saum. I think the gun is too nose heavy and needs more overall weight. I have a 40x .308 that I shoot prone that weighs 14 lbs. so a heavy gun doesn't bother me. I read the stories of people on this site making 1000
yd kills and I am in awe. I know how much work it takes to take a 400 with confidence and the profesency required to make over 1000 is mind boggling.Hope this clarifies my question.
thank you
First off don't turn your nose up at the 308 as it is a greta preformer at the 1000yd mark with the right bullets.

Second , I would bed one or two Harrts Rem 870 Mercury Recoil reducers into the but stock of you gun , they help alot with soaking up recoil and they weigh in at about 1lb each , their 4" long and 1" in diameter so at least one would fit. , then if more weight is needed you can mix some lead shot with 15min Epoxy and fill in the butt as needed.
Take your favorite 308 and load some 175gr Berger VLD's and give those a try at your longest range , you'll be suprised at how flat they shoot and hold their velocity.
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