ADD at its best


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Oct 26, 2022
This one kicked off a snow ball effect.

I decided to build a 6mm ARC a few months ago. In the process I found an AR lower I have had an approved form 1 on for about 12 years and never did anything with. Well, that needed to change. Here is my new 11.5" shorty. It is waiting on its can to get out of jail to be finished off.

The snow ball effect is as follows:
-start 6mm
-build SBR instead
-buy can that works on both
-realize I have an old 3 gun rifle and extra barrel so I converted it to 300 bo to use with the can
-decide I needed a dedicated can for each so order 2 more cans
-decide I need another hk so order a sp5 and send in a form 1 for it
-buy a 9mm can
-6mm ARC is still in pieces waiting to be finished.

Hope yall have better luck with your projects...